If I am the sun,

then you are the clouds.

If I am a plant,

then you are a drought.

If I am a castle made of sand,

then you are the crashing waves.

If I am music,

then you are silence.

If I am air,

then you are a tornado.

If I am a sail,

you are the tear.

If I am an engine,

you are an empty tank.

If I am a flame,

then you are water.

If I am life,

then you are death.

I am me.

And you,

you, are you.


I reach out for you and my grip slips.

I call your name and I hear my own voice echoing back to me.

I search for you in all the wildest places.

Will you ever come back?

Why did you leave?

Was it me, did I push you away?

Come back please

I’m begging you

I need you

I want you

I miss you.

I go to say this out loud but nothing comes out.

Dry like the desert,

Cracking like the ground in need of rain;


One day I’ll build the strength to speak to you,

Until then I’ll write you,

In hopes my message gets across.

I miss you…

Sincerely, Myself

I see you everywhere I go, in all that I do, and in myself.

When the sun rises I can feel your warmth kissing my skin.

I lay there and soak it in until I glow, reflecting your light.

I can imagine your first breath as the wind dances though my hair.  It’s something that gives me life, yet takes my breath away at the same time.

I can feel your gentle touch when I run my hands over flowers.  I can feel your hands holding mine, your delicacy is beautiful to me.

Your colors are vibrant like the light in your eyes.  You grow and hold your head tall, despite the dirt you’ve been through.

Although never meeting you,

I know you.

 I am you.

I carry you everywhere I go, and I’ll have you as a part of me

until I go through dirt myself.


I am made up of petals,

held up only by my thin stem.

I embrace my beauty and how it’s unlike the rest.

I am delicate, yet abrasive.

Presumptuous. but careful.

Tough, however still fragile.

I stand tall while your light shines upon me.

I wait in the depths of the night for you to return.

I desire your warmth and affection.

For if you go too long without watering me;

I may never grow.

I’m pulled in by your current.  Held down by your rip tide.

I try to reach the surface to escape, trying to swim towards the sun.

My lungs flood with water and anchor me down; never reaching the top.

The swirling of your vortex commends me.

My heart pounds like the crash of waves colliding with the shore.

I exhaust myself as I’m enveloped in water.

Defeat takes over;

I’m drowning within myself.

I picked you because I saw beauty in your colors.

How selfish of me;

to take you from your home

as if you were my own.

I found you and wanted to cherish you.

But what I really did was rip you of your roots.

The very thing that made you grow.

I killed you for your colors.

Deceased for my pleasure.